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Hi there! I'm Kish — a Designer, Design Leader and wannabe Software Engineer born, raised and based in London, UK.

I'm currently leading Design at Lightyear, a new investment brokerage in Europe — one without all the unnecessary fees and barriers and that actually helps it's customers become better investors.

Before Lightyear, I was the first Designer then Head of Design at Plum, launching them on the App Stores, establishing a Design Culture, creating a Design System, building a team and all the million other things you do when you're part of company that goes from 10 to 110 people in three years.

Prior to that, I joined Wise (formerly TransferWise) in 2014 as their first Product Designer, spending four years working across most, if not all of the consumer product across Web and Mobile.

So yeah — a lottttt of design for fintech products.

Recently, I've started to automate much of the monkey work involved in the process and sharing it with the community, starting with Amountify — a Figma plugin for entering random currency amounts into your designs.

When I had a lot more free time, I had a few side projects on the go. One that's still out there and used by many is Dubbledecker — an app I built to learn Objective-C and iOS development back in 2014. I later made a very small and pointless app called Random, to learn Swift and how to build custom page transitions. 5 years on, I've found it to be an effective sensory toy for young children (don't ask).