Let me explain

Foursquare, some travel blogs and Josh (thanks for the recco’s pal) highly rate  Sushidai in Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. I’m in Japan init, where else am I gonna have the world’s best sushi?


We arrive at about 6am and the queue is mad, there’s some geeza from Chicago who’s been queueing since 3am! Anyways, you don’t feel like you’re being mugged off like a tourist as there’s Japanese people queueing up as well.


4 hours later and we’re in. We’re having a set 9 selection menu chosen by the sushi master, with an extra sushi chosen by us. Sorry, I can’t remember what most of these are.


So, now it’s now our turn to choose a sushi. I’m handed this menu.


My eyes are immediately drawn to sperm sacks, they’re in season! I’m not sure about this decision but then I remember some reviews raving about the sacks! Where else am I gonna eat the sperm sacks of a cod fish.


So, were they nice?



What did they taste like?

Creamy, and they were warm which I was not expecting. They had the consistency and bite of al dente linguine except slightly chewier.


Would I have them again?



More importantly, is it worth to queue 4 hours for?

Yes. Show me a place where the fish is fresher and prepared better. You can’t.


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