I was supposed to blog everyday

I’m writing this to you from Siem Reap in Cambodia and have been Beijing and Seoul in between, so I’ve been pretty bad at this.

Anyways, apart from eating some next-level sushi, here’s some of the stuff that went down in Japan.


I can’t remember the name of the coffee place that I took this photo at, but I found it to be a good metaphor of how precise yet full of character I found the Japanese culture to be.


Sensō-ji temple, Tokyo at night

LOL while I was taking this photo, I couldn’t help but notice this South African man with this Japanese woman. He clearly didn’t know her but they were together. I suspect he had paid her to spend time with him. Anyways, what amused me and Ceara was that he kept doing that thing that many English speaking people to to non-English speaking people. He kept repeating the same phrase over and over at different speeds and with varying pronunciation.

The thing he was saying, or rather asking, was “Do you eat?”. I mean, of course she eats mate. But this was his way of asking her if she wanted to go to dinner with him. She didn’t understand him no matter how adjusted his tone and volume, and kept replying to him in Japanese until she noticed his repitition of “DO YOU EAT” was attracting stares, including mine.




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The bullet train is fucking expensive. Osaka to Hiroshima, return cost about 95 GBP per person. However, it’s always on time and you get views like this:


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Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto was very impressive.


This was some awful octopus at some food market. It was the only bad thing i ate in Japan. I threw it away after this first bite.


This crispy, sesame, pepper crisp thing was better


Drunk food

Even the late night, fast food ramen when you’re drunk is absolutely banging


Anyways, I’ve run out of patience. The internet in Cambodia is slow, and typing on an iPad is the worst.

Bye for now.


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