My name is Kish Patel and I’m a product designer from London, UK. I’m passionate about building useful, human centered products through forward-thinking design and implementation and I’m currently doing so with the team at Rockpack Monitise Create TransferWise.

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I'm quite well connected. I say stuff on . I show off on Dribbble. I connect with people on LinkedIn. I write code and store it on GitHub and BitBucket. I listen to music on Spotify and upload it on Soundcloud.


Personal project in which I designed and built the iPhone application.

Featured numerous times across Apple's UK App Store. Notable categories include Best New Apps, Best Travel Apps, For Your Commute & Get Around London.

"Fast and simple to use, leaving you more precious seconds to run for the 218"

The Guardian

"If you use buses in the capital, you really shouldn’t be without this app"

MSN Tech

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Responsible for defining the user experience and user interface design for the iPhone and iPad applications.

Featured in the iOS App Store’s New & Noteworthy, Designed for iOS7, What's Hot and Best New Apps categories in over 130 countries since it's release.

"Viewing, browsing, and curating videos via the app is intuitive and friction free"


"Beautiful"... "Easy to use"


 App Store    |    Website